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Eating Disorder Focused Family Therapy Skills Workshop Series

BodyMatters is hosting a series of three workshops on Eating Disorder Focused Family Therapy Skills.

Crows Nest, Sydney

26 Sep, 2020 - 28 Nov, 2020


Webinar TBT-S: Treat to Traits

EDFA along with its state partners is very proud to present the next issue of its webinar series on Temperament Based Therapy with Supports (TBT-S).

Zoom Conferencing

1 Oct, 2020 - 1 Oct, 2020


Anorexia & Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Adipositas/Obesity 28th International Conference

The Eating Disorders Alpbach will be held in October 2020.


15 Oct, 2020 - 17 Oct, 2020


XXVIth Annual Meeting of the Eating Disorders Research Society

The 26th Annual EDRS Meeting will be held virtually.

Sitges, Spain

15 Oct, 2020 - 17 Oct, 2020


Australian Rural & Remote Mental Health Symposium

The 2020 ARRMH Symposium will be held in October.


26 Oct, 2020 - 28 Oct, 2020


Rural Medicine Australia 2020

The 2020 RMA will be held in October.

Hunter Valley

29 Oct, 2020 - 31 Oct, 2020

Support Group

October Online Recovery Talk

BodyMatters have scheduled their next Recovery Talks event in October.


31 Oct, 2020 - 31 Oct, 2020


Engaging Ambivalent Clients: Enhancing Motivation and Building Self Efficacy

This one day workshop for allied health practitioners provides an introduction to/ refresher of motivational interviewing with a specific application to eating disorders.


20 Nov, 2020 - 20 Nov, 2020


Helping Clients Overcome Bulimia, Binge Eating & Subclinical Disordered Eating: Skills-based Training for Professionals in Cognitive Behavioural Guided Self-Help (CBT-GSH)

This interactive workshop will provide clinicians with an overview of eating disorders, and key cognitive behavioural treatment concepts.


20 Nov, 2020 - 20 Nov, 2020

Support Group

Butterfly Foundation Support Groups

These Support Groups offer the opportunity to meet and connect with others both face to face and online, sharing similar experiences of eating disorders.

Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart & Online

Support Group

Harmoni - Anorexia Nervosa Support Group

This support group is for people who have had Anorexia Nervosa for seven ore more years.


Support Group

Free Eating Disorder Motivational Group

This is a free motivational support group for people with eating disorders.