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Policy & Service Development in NSW

Service Plan for People with an Eating Disorder

Service Plan for People with an Eating Disorder 2020-2024

The provision of healthcare to people with eating disorders requires all sectors of the health service to respond. This ensures that no matter where a person with an eating disorder enters the health system, they are identified and supported to receive the care they need from the most appropriate service.

The NSW Eating Disorders Service Plan 2020-2024 has been developed in collaboration with more than 300 health clinicians and people with lived experience across every Local Health District and Specialty Network in NSW.

It builds on the progress made over the past five years as a result of the initial Service Plan (2013-2018) and is a framework to transform the health response to people at risk of developing or living with an eating disorder, their families and carers.

The Service Plan is in the final stages of review and will be available toward the end of 2020.

Service Plan for People with an Eating Disorder 2013-2018

The NSW Service Plan for People with Eating Disorders 2013 – 2018 was released by the NSW Government in September 2013 to guide the development and expansion of quality care for people with eating disorders across the state. The Service Plan was the first of its kind nationally mandating change for the treatment of eating disorders within the health system.

InsideOut was chosen as the organisation to lead and drive the implementation of this broad mandate for service development and expansion.

The Service Plan requires a whole of health reform, driven centrally and implemented locally, to prepare and equip the NSW Health system to identify, provide access to, and treat people with eating disorders. This Service Plan has enabled the development of new hospital and community services for eating disorders – the single largest and most ambitious eating disorder clinical redesign ever undertaken nationwide.

The Role of the Eating Disorder Coordinators

InsideOut secured funding from NSW Health for 16 eating disorder coordinators located in districts across New South Wales. The local eating disorder coordinators support the implementation of their local Service Plan and provide clinical consultations and support to health professionals and teams treating people with eating disorders.

Their role includes leadership, strategy and implementation, service development, workforce development, clinical practice advice and support as well as knowledge management.

The Local NSW Eating Disorder Coordinators

The Role of the Tertiary Hubs

The NSW tertiary hubs are expert centres for the treatment of eating disorders. As well as providing treatment services for the most severely unwell individuals and their families in NSW, these centres provide support to other services around the state that are providing treatment to people with eating disorders.

Their services include tertiary inpatient treatment, specialist outpatient clinics & day programs, outreach consultation for case management and training for clinicians and teams around the state.

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The Role of Medical leads

The NSW Statewide Committee of Eating Disorder Medical Leads is responsible for providing advice and leadership for all matters related to the medical management and transition of patients with eating disorders in NSW, in line with the Service Plan.

The Medical Leads committee ensures that pathways for medical treatment for people with eating disorders exist locally. If you have questions directly relating to medical admission and treatment of people with eating disorders in your district, please raise these with your local eating disorder coordinator to be forwarded to the Medical Leads committee