Support Group

Carer Coaching Program

  • Victoria

EDV Carer Coaching is a structured eight week program, designed to get families off to a good start in supporting their young person’s recovery from a restrictive eating disorder. The program will be delivered by experienced Carer Coaches.

The Carer Coaches have lived experience of supporting their young person through to recovery from an eating disorder. They also bring a wealth of collective experience from their ongoing peer support work with other families. They are not clinicians, but they bring the expertise and skills they have gained throughout their own journey, to support your family.


  • The person with the eating disorder must be under the care of a GP or paediatrician.
  • You are the carer/s of a young person (under 19) who is experiencing a restrictive eating disorder.
  • The young person with the eating disorder is on a wait list for formal treatment.
  • You are able to commit to weekly sessions (up to 8) until formal treatment commences.
  • You are a Victorian resident.

Cost: FREE