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Blog and Podcast

Blog and Podcast

Supporting an Adult with an Eating Disorder

16 Mar, 2022

What do some of the most brilliant minds in eating disorder research hope for the future of the field?

We speak with Prof Cindy Bulik in the first episode of the podcast mini series

6 Jul, 2023


GP Hub & Clinical Decision Support Tool: Supporting GPs to support people with eating disorders

An exciting project is underway at InsideOut which aims to support GPs in screening and care planning for people who may have or be at risk of developing an eating disorder.

5 Dec, 2021


IOI-Screener: Using digital technology to encourage early help-seeking for eating disorders

InsideOut researcher Emma Bryant discusses her research into the IOI-S, a brief online screening tool for eating disorders, and how it may encourage help-seeking in the digital age.

29 Nov, 2021


The Research-Practice Cycle: What is it and why is it important?

Research at InsideOut spans across the research lifecycle to ensure that our research findings are effectively translated into practice. In this post, we describe what exactly the research-practice cycle is and why it is so important in the field of eating disorders.

11 Nov, 2021