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InsideOut is a leader in effecting change in eating disorder treatment across Australia through advocacy, research and policy development.

Australia trials psilocybin for anorexia

InsideOut's Professor Stephen Touyz speaks to Medical Republic about upcoming Australian trials of psilocibin for anorexia nervosa after recent US trials showed promise for the treatment.

10 Aug, 2023

New funding announced for eating disorder treatment

Body and Soul outlines the Government's plan to provide $70M in funding, including $8M for InsideOut Institute's eClinic and Digital GP Hub.

2 Jun, 2023

“We can do a lot to improve the outcomes of people with eating disorders”: Federal govt announces $70 million in funding

InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders has welcomed funding for its award winning eClinic and a new Digital GP Hub.

1 Jun, 2023

New Research To Better Understand The Eating Disorder Experiences Of The LGBTQI+ Community

InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders has launched a new study to understand better the mental health, body image, eating and exercise concerns of people within the LGBTQIA+ community.

1 May, 2023

'I didn't want a feminine body': Calls for eating disorder services to better support LGBTIQ+ patients

Advocates say the unique needs of the LGBTIQ+ community have been neglected in treatment and diagnoses of eating disorders and body image issues.

19 Feb, 2023

Why eating disorders are misunderstood and mistreated in LGBTQ+ communities

A coalition of experts has vowed to address eating disorders in Australia’s queer community, concerned that a lack of data is leading to poorly targeted treatment.

19 Feb, 2023

Melani grew addicted to the ‘trance’ of binge-eating. Then came the guilt

Melani De Sousa likens binge-eating to being in a trance.

24 Apr, 2022

Eating disorder research finds telehealth can improve treatment for rural and regional youth

A study delivering family-based treatment for anorexia nervosa sufferers via telehealth returns promising results

18 Mar, 2022

Why don’t you just stop?: living with Australia’s most common eating disorder

Research lead Dr Jane Miskovic-Wheatley and PhD researcher Sarah Barakat speak with The Guardian about binge eating disorder (BED) and InsideOut's nationwide survey on the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on people with eating disorder symptoms.

27 Feb, 2022

Covid-19 lockdowns spark surge in eating disorders

Dr Jane Miskovic-Wheatley, the research stream lead at the InsideOut Institute, joined 2SER producer Nalin Mastou to discuss the findings of a national survey.

14 Feb, 2022

Historic $13m National Eating Disorder Centre to be unveiled

The Federal Government has unveiled the $13 million National Eating Disorder Centre, which brings together Australia’s best researchers lead by the University of Sydney’s InsideOut Institute.

24 Jan, 2022

New research: Escalation of eating disorder symptoms reported during first major COVID wave (video)

InsideOut's Dr Jane Miskovic-Wheatley speaks to ABC News about new research revealing an increase in eating disorder symptoms during COVID wave.

24 Jan, 2022