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Service Development & Policy

InsideOut is a leader in affecting change in eating disorder treatment across Australia through advocacy, research and policy development.

New South Wales

Service Development & Policy in NSW

InsideOut in partnership with NSW Health has led the transformation of the treatment landscape in New South Wales to ensure better access to treatment, good governance, innovation and improvement in quality care for people with eating disorders.

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Service Development & Policy in Australia

Since 2010, Australia has begun to respond from a national level to the challenge that eating disorders pose to the health system and to the individuals and families affected by them. The improvement of services and treatment for people with eating disorders is now an Australian federal government priority.

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Australian Eating Disorders Research & Translation Strategy 2021-2030

Australia’s first National Eating Disorder Research & Translation Strategy provides the roadmap to establish eating disorders as a national research priority.

Funded by the Australian Government, this strategy represents the collective thinking of hundreds of individuals and key stakeholders nationally.

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