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Clinical Innovation

InsideOut is a leader in effecting change in eating disorder prevention, early intervention and treatment across Australia through advocacy, research and policy development


A world-first eTherapy platform, designed and built by InsideOut, aims to provide access to evidence-based treatment for people with eating disorders of all types and at any stage. Our programs have been trialled in real-world settings and demonstrate safety and impact.

Our novel online CBT therapy for people with bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder (BEeT) has demonstrated significant impact. We have recently completed a trial of this accessible and scalable intervention in headspace and community mental health clinics and the program is now being implemented nationally. This program provides evidence-based treatment to people who would otherwise be unable to access care, and offers isolated clinicians an evidence-based treatment referral option for their clients.

A transdiagnostic eTherapy is under development and will be trialled in 2022.

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InsideOut is developing a world-first, national eClinic for people with eating disorders. It will act as a ’go-to’ site for people with an eating disorder, delivering early screening, an online assessment and recommendations for care. It will also act as a support and training hub for carers and health professionals.

Carers Self-Help

Here at InsideOut, we know how challenging it can be to support a loved one with an eating disorder through treatment and recovery – and we know how few supports and resources are available. That’s why we’ve launched SupportED - an online skills-based self-help program for carers, which provides access to knowledge and resources that aims to help carers feel more confident to provide care and be part of the treatment team for their loved one.

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Making Evidence-Based Treatment Mainstream

lnsideOut is working with public and private services across the country to help guide their models of care for clients with eating disorders.

We support both the development of new services and the enhancement of existing ones. We provide expert consultation, including pathways to care, best practice guidelines, and service professional needs and access to our digital tools to integrate within local pathways.

We partner with health to pilot new models of care in mainstream health settings including trials underway in headspace and community mental health settings.

Treatment Services Database

A publicly available, national listing of health professionals dedicated to treating people with eating disorders.

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