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Groundbreaking new program for supporters of people with eating disorders

InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders launches new online program, ‘SupportED’, to ease the burden on carers of people living with an eating disorder and improve treatment outcomes.

30 Mar, 2021

Meal Support in the Hospital Setting: Free eLearning for NSW Health Professionals

InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders has launched a new online program to provide health professionals in the inpatient setting with the skills needed to deliver meal support in an empathetic, compassionate, and effective way.

28 Oct, 2020

New Study aims to identify Top 10 Eating Disorder Research & Translation Priorities for Australia

A new study by InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders, conducted in association with the James Lind Alliance in the UK, is seeking to identify the Top 10 Eating Disorder Research and Translation priorities for Australia.

29 Sep, 2020

HAVE YOUR SAY! Australia’s Top 10 Eating Disorders Research & Translation Priorities Project

Research plays a vital role in discovering new treatments and ensuring existing treatments are being delivered in the best possible ways. Make sure you have your say.

22 Sep, 2020

Priority Setting Process for Eating Disorder Research and Translation Strategy

The final stage of developing Australia’s first National Eating Disorder Research & Translation Strategy has kicked off with an independent priority setting process.

21 Aug, 2020

IOI-S Screener Survey: New study aims to validate online eating disorder screener

InsideOut is seeking anyone aged 14 years and over to test our new eating disorder screener.

27 Jul, 2020

InsideOut Institute Award for Best Research Presentation: Virtual ICED 2020

Congratulations to Dr Sylvane Desrivieres who was awarded the InsideOut Institute Award for Best Research Presentation at Virtual ICED 2020.

7 Jul, 2020

New Australian study aims to measure the impacts of the COVID-19 on people with body image concerns and disordered eating

A new study by InsideOut Institute is seeking to better understand the short and long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on people living with body, shape, weight, eating or exercise concerns.

1 Jul, 2020

COMING SOON! InsideOut's Online Training for Support People

InsideOut is currently developing an online skills program for carers, family members and other support people of individuals living with an eating disorder. Sign up for updates!

11 Jun, 2020

Student Discount for eLearning

Students are eligible for half price access to InsideOut's entire eLearning suite.

28 Apr, 2020

Launch of National Eating Disorder Recommendations for the Fitness Industry

InsideOut Institute has teamed up with Fitness Australia to release new national recommendations for the identification and support of people with eating disorders in the fitness industry.

19 Feb, 2020

Centre for Clinical Interventions NEW Online Body Image Workbook

The Centre for Clinical Interventions have launched a new online self-help publication designed to help understand the factors that keep you overly focused on your appearance, and introduces strategies to less the impact.

13 Feb, 2020