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InsideOut is Australia’s national institute for research, translation and clinical excellence in eating disorders with global research partnerships. We aim to transform the prevention, early intervention and treatment landscape for eating disorders in Australia, and ultimately find a cure.


We are happy to advertise research projects that have ethics approved.

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Deakin University

Investigating Gastrointestinal Disturbances in Eating Disorders (The IGI-ED Study)

Researchers at Deakin University are investigating the relationships between gut symptoms, quality of life, and experience of treatment for individuals with an ED. This survey has been developed to gather information related to this aim.

Now openClosing: 24 Feb, 2023

Queensland Health

Patients with Eating Disorders and their Transitions Through Care

Researchers at Queensland Health are investigating a support system for patients with eating disorders that are discharged from hospital for medical compromise straight home.

Now openClosing: 23 Feb, 2023

Deakin University

Innovations in Eating Disorder Support and Treatment During COVID-19

Researchers at Deakin University are investigating practices used by health professionals during COVID-19 to overcome barriers in providing eating disorder services.

Now openClosing: 25 Aug, 2023

Western Sydney University

Eating Disorder Experiences and Treatments

Researchers from Western Sydney University are examining the factors that influence people’s overall experience of an eating disorder and its treatment.

Now openClosing: 28 Feb, 2023


Developing a Model of Preventive Health Care for People with Intellectual Disability

Researchers at UNSW are examining the barriers and facilitators faced by people with intellectual disability when accessing preventive healthcare.

Now openClosing: 30 Jun, 2023

Deakin University

Investigating Neurocognitive Profiles in Parents of Children With Autism and Anorexia

Researchers at Deakin University are conducting an online study to understand how and why personality traits, characteristics, and behaviours associated with autism spectrum disorder and anorexia nervosa are related.

Now openClosing: 1 Jun, 2023

The University of Sydney

Attention to eye movements

Researchers at the University of Sydney are observing eye movements during an attention task to better understand differences in performance by participants with a current or past diagnosis of anorexia nervosa.

Now openClosing: 28 Feb, 2023