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How is your relationship with food?

For example: is food and eating worry free, or is it full of worry and stress?

Treatment Services Database

InsideOut’s Treatment Services Database can assist you in finding a private practitioner, community clinic or program, day program, in hospital treatment or a support group near you.

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Support Organisations

Need help, assistance or guidance? Search our support organisations listing to see who is available to help near you.

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Getting Help Early

This fact sheet discusses the importance of early intervention for individuals with disordered eating, and provides information on finding support.


Choosing a Treatment Team

This fact sheet outlines the need for collaboration between proffessionals supporting individuals with eating disorders, the types of professionals who can be helpful, and advice on choosing a treatment team.


The Journey to Recovery From an Eating Disorder

This fact sheet discusses recovering from eating disorders.


Resources for Individuals with an Eating Disorder

This document provides a listing of helpful resources for individuals with eating disorders.


Blog and Podcasts

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"Your health doesn't define who you are": How to find yourself without fitness

Exercise physiologist and health coach Sarah Liz King gives tips on how to heal your relationship with exercise after an eating disorder and shares her own lived experience.

2 Feb, 2021


Overcoming Binge Eating: Influencer, dietitian Lyndi Cohen on healing her relationship with food and her body

InsideOut talks to the ‘Nude Nutritionist’ about recovering from binge eating disorder, keeping it real, and how this generation might make eating disorders history.

20 Oct, 2020


“Food is Medicine”: What worked for me as an Inpatient during meal support

As InsideOut launches a new online program to equip clinicians with the skills and confidence to effectively provide meal support, Ash explains what the experience is like for the patient.

28 Sep, 2020


Talking to Someone with an Eating Disorder

Many family and friends worry that they will say the wrong thing to someone they love with an eating disorder. The important thing is to let the person know you care.

27 Apr, 2018