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Support for Family & Carers

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InsideOut’s Treatment Services Database will assist you in finding a private practitioner, community clinic or program, day program, in hospital treatment or a support group near you.

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Need help, assistance or guidance? Search our support organisations listing to see who is available to help near you.

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SupportED: Online Self-Help Program for Carers of People with an Eating Disorder

InsideOut has developed an online skills program for carers, family members and other support people of individuals living with an eating disorder


Self Care for Families and Carers

This fact sheet suggests some strategies for ensuring families and carers take care of themselves whilst supporting a loved one with an eating disorder.


I Think Someone I Know May Have an Eating Disorder

This fact sheet provides information and advice on supporting an individual who you believe may have an eating disorder


Resources for Families & Carers

This document provides a listing of helpful resources for families and carers.


Blog and Podcasts

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Talking to Someone with an Eating Disorder

Many family and friends worry that they will say the wrong thing to someone they love with an eating disorder. The important thing is to let the person know you care.

27 Apr, 2018


The financial burden of caring for someone with an eating disorder: affordable treatment options.

There are ways to potentially reduce the financial burden of treatment.

26 Mar, 2021


Families and Carers: How to look after your own wellbeing.

How to look after your own mental and physical wellbeing in order to continue to support your loved one.

26 Mar, 2021


EDFA's Christine Naismith explains why support groups are a form of self-care

Through caring for her own daughters, EDFA co-founder Christine Naismith has learnt the importance of support groups and self-care.

20 Oct, 2020