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2021 Retrospective

InsideOut is a leader in effecting change in eating disorder prevention, early intervention and treatment across Australia through advocacy, research and policy development

National Projects

National Eating Disorder Research & Translation Strategy

The Australian government funded InsideOut to lead the development of the first Australian Eating Disorder Research & Translation Strategy in any mental illness group.

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Top 10 Eating Disorder Research and Translation Priorities

Co-design process with consumers, carers, clinicians and researchers to identify 10 agreed priority areas for research and translation

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GP Decision Tool

A digital decision tool with a GP to consumer platform, connecting to the evidence base in the clinical moment.

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State Projects

Release of the new Statewide Service Plan 2021-2025

InsideOut co-authored the Statewide Service Plan 2021-2025 with the NSW Ministry of Health - the single largest and most ambitious eating disorder clinical redesign ever undertaken nationwide.

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Eating Disorder Coordinators

18 full time Eating Disorder Coordinators funded in every NSW Local Health District

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Online Training

Over 5,000 health professionals across Australia completed InsideOut eLearning courses since 2018

Training the Workforce

327 NSW health clinicians have completed intensive clinical treatment training since June 2020

Translation Innovation

eTherapy Platform

World-first eTherapy platform delivering CBT supported self-help nationally.

Supporting Carers

Carers Self Help online program launched - hundreds of carers registered in the first three months alone!

Early Identification and Assessment

68,297 Accessed our eAssessment / 16,451 accessed our Screener

Research Innovation

Individualised Medicine

Novel research trial commenced: Psilocybin assisted psychotherapy to treat people with complex, life threatening and often treatment resistant anorexia nervosa - in collaboration with Lambert Institute and Imperial College London

Research Hubs

Million Minds MRFF Mainstream - partnering with clinical and research leads in Victoria and Queensland to locate research capacity within frontline service settings and establish national research and translation hubs - with CEED, QuEDS, EDV and QIMR.

Collaboration and Partnerships

We’re exploring muscle dysmorphia with University of Melbourne, suicidality with University of Western Australia and University of Wollongong and we’re collaborating with Kings College London to develop an instrument to identify early illness in children.