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InsideOut is Australia’s national institute for research and clinical excellence in eating disorders with global research partnerships. We aim to transform the treatment landscape for eating disorders in Australia, and ultimately find a cure. Our team of expert researchers, clinicians, policy makers and consumer advisors leads the development of several major national and state research, education and training initiatives in eating disorders.

InsideOut has published more than 200 research papers in the past five years and has conducted world-first research trials in eating disorders. InsideOut also provides a platform to connect participants with research trials in the field of eating disorders.

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Clinical Innovation

InsideOut is at the forefront of developing new and emerging technologies for the delivery of quality clinical care for people with eating disorders. We are currently developing an eClinic to deliver early screening, online treatment and pathways to care for people with eating disorders.

InsideOut are strong advocates for the enhancement of the health system to meet the needs of people presenting with eating disorders. In the last 5 years alone, InsideOut has secured over $17 million in funding to support the enhancement of public health services.

Education & Training

InsideOut is at the forefront of developing and disseminating innovative training for health professionals in the identification, assessment and treatment of people with eating disorders.

InsideOut developed the world’s first and largest interactive online training platform for eating disorders, which is proven to enhance healthcare professional knowledge and skills. We also provide face-to-face training in evidence-based practice to health professionals.

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Policy & Service Development

InsideOut is a leader in effecting change in eating disorder treatment through service and policy development. InsideOut has led the transformation of the treatment landscape in New South Wales to ensure better access to care, good governance, innovation and improvement in the quality of care for people with eating disorders.

InsideOut is involved in service and policy development locally and nationally.

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National Projects

InsideOut has been funded by the Australian Government to lead several national projects to improve the healthcare journey and outcomes for people at risk of developing or living with an eating disorder, and their families and carers.

We are working collaboratively on these research, clinical innovation, education and public policy projects with experts by their lived experience, as well as clinicians, researchers, service providers and developers across Australia.