Outreach for Adults with Eating Disorders: The NSW State-wide Eating Disorder Outreach Service

For Healthcare Professionals

The NSW Eating Disorder Outreach Service provides clinical consultation-liaison to support clinicians in medical and mental health settings managing adults with eating disorders across NSW.

Range of Services

The NSW Eating Disorder Outreach Service provides support through:

  • Liaison and collaboration with local eating disorder coordinators.
  • Providing an initial telephone consultation for treatment planning in the early stages of patient contact in the community or hospital setting
  • Planned, multidisciplinary case conferences for the psychiatric, medical, dietetic, psychological, nursing, and behavioural management of patients
  • Individual discipline specific phone advice and support
  • Assisting local teams to develop treatment packages and discharge treatment plans from local services
  • Advice regarding the use of coercive treatment via the NSW Mental Health Act
  • Facilitating transfer/referral/admission to the Tertiary Eating Disorders inpatient unit at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, The Peter Beumont Unit (PBU)
  • Delivering education and supervision to clinician across NSW

Get Outreach Support

To receive outreach support you will need to contact the intake clinician on 1800 443 833 for the Peter Beumont Eating Disorder Service and provide the following information:

Contact Information

  • 1800 443 833