Carers NSW

Family & Carers

Carers NSW is a non-government organisation for carers in NSW, and a member of the National Network of Carers Associations. While Carers NSW can accommodate carers of people with eating disorders, it is a non-specialist service providing generic support for carers. Carers NSW provides short-term counselling to family members or friends who are in a caring role, offering up to six counselling sessions to all eligible carers across NSW, including former carers whose carer role has recently ended. Counselling is delivered in person, over the phone, or online, with some counsellors also providing services in languages other than English. The fee for services is contribution-based, and fees can be reduced or waived in accordance with a carer’s capacity to pay. No carer is refused access to counselling because of their inability to pay. Carers NSW also provides an information and referral service, linking carers with more specialised services.

Contact Information

  • 1800 242 636
  • Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm