University of Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

Transdiagnostic Research Program

Chief InvestigatorClosing Date
Dr Litza Kiropoulos21 Mar, 2024
Chief InvestigatorDr Litza Kiropoulos
Closing Date21 Mar, 2024

About the research trial

Researchers are interested in identifying transdiagnostic psychological factors that contribute to the development and maintenance of depression, anxiety and eating symptomatology, with a focus on individuals with an eating disorder. This research represents an important opportunity to increase clinical understanding of these psychological symptoms in eating disorders and provide targets for psychological interventions aimed at reducing symptoms.

Recruitment details

This research invites any individual of adult age (18+yrs) with a diagnosis of endometriosis to participate in an online study.

To participate, please paste this URL into any web browser:

For more information, please visit the project website: