The University of Sydney

Study About Attention for Participants with Anorexia Nervosa

Chief InvestigatorClosing Date
Stephen Touyz31 Jan, 2023
Chief InvestigatorStephen Touyz
Closing Date31 Jan, 2023

About the research trial

The aim of this study is to observe eye movements during an attention task to better understand differences in performance by participants with a current diagnosis of anorexia nervosa that have been noted in standard neuropsychological tasks.\
The study will involve participation in an attention task, during which your eye movements will be recorded via a remote camera. For the duration of the study, you will be asked to complete some questionnaires about your mood and eating patterns, and two short memory tasks.\
The study will be run on campus at The University of Sydney and will take 90-120 min (no longer than 2 hours). Parking directly outside our building is available, or we are a short walk from the Footbridge bus stop on Parramatta Rd.

Recruitment details

You are eligible for this study if you:\
•       Are female and 18 years old or over.\
•       Have a diagnosis of anorexia nervosa from a medical professional and are currently stable or in treatment.\
•       Have normal or corrected-to-normal vision. Glasses are OK, but unfortunately contact lenses are not OK for this study.\
Please note: There is no BMI requirement for this study and no weighing will take place. Self-reported height and weight are a standard inclusion on one questionnaire but responding is voluntary.\
To participate or find out more:\​m/jfe/form/SV_dcHeLI0s1kAqbIO