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Quality of Care by Dietitians for Eating Disorders

Chief InvestigatorUniversity SupervisorClosing Date
Alana HeafalaDr Lana Mitchell and Associate Professor Lauren Ball31 Dec, 2021
Chief InvestigatorAlana Heafala
University SupervisorDr Lana Mitchell and Associate Professor Lauren Ball
Closing Date31 Dec, 2021

About the research trial

This study aims to explore patients’ and carers’ perspectives regarding the quality of care by dietitians for eating disorders. Many people experiencing an eating disorder receive nutrition care from a dietitian, however, little research has focused on how dietetic care is experienced by carers and consumers. Learning about these experiences will help us understand how dietitians can best meet the needs of people impacted by eating disorders and their loved ones.

Recruitment details

We are inviting those with a lived experience and carers to share their experiences of seeing a dietitian (outside of hospital) in a 30 minute interview.

If you would like to participate click on the link below or contact Alana Heafala for more information.