Swinburne University

Psychedelic Psychotherapy and Body Image Disturbance: Exploring the Potential for a Novel Treatment Intervention

Chief InvestigatorUniversity SupervisorClosing Date
Professor Susan RossellProfessor Susan Rossell and Associate Professor Andrea Phillipou28 Sep, 2022
Chief InvestigatorProfessor Susan Rossell
University SupervisorProfessor Susan Rossell and Associate Professor Andrea Phillipou
Closing Date28 Sep, 2022

About the research trial

Share your wisdom on eating disorders and body image and/or psychedelic psychotherapy and help shape the future of body image treatments.

We invite you to participate in a Delphi study that seeks to understand how effective our body image treatments are and whether there is potential for psychedelic psychotherapy to improve the treatments currently available.

Recruitment details

If you are an adult (18+) and wish to participate, please click this link to complete a short survey (less than 15 minutes):


More details can be found in the advertisement, attached.


Claire Finkelstein