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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, That Is Not What I Look Like at All: Exploring Self-Perception

Chief InvestigatorUniversity SupervisorClosing Date
Jade PortingaleDr. Isabel Krug29 May, 2024
Chief InvestigatorJade Portingale
University SupervisorDr. Isabel Krug
Closing Date29 May, 2024

About the research trial

Enfacement involves the experience of ownership of another person's face after synchronous stimulation (e.g., seeing a video of someone opening and closing their mouth at the same time as the participant). It is not known whether individuals with disordered eating are susceptible to enfacement.  Based on previous literature, experiencing enfacement with a model with healthy facial adiposity may lead to more realistic perception of own's own facial adiposity and improve attractiveness.  Moreover, enfacement may increase body satisfaction.  We aim to explore whether individuals who experience disordered eating experience distortions in facial perception, and whether enfacement leads to less distorted face or body self-perception.

Recruitment details

If you're interested, please contact Jade Portingale jportingale@student.unimelb.ed​


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