Curtin University

Lived Experience of Waiting for Psychological Treatment for an Eating Disorder in Western Australia

Chief InvestigatorClosing Date
Professor Peter McEvoy10 Feb, 2024
Chief InvestigatorProfessor Peter McEvoy
Closing Date10 Feb, 2024

About the research trial

Waiting lists for specialist treatment of eating disorders can be long. In this project we will be interviewing clients who are currently on or have recently experienced being on waitlists for eating disorder treatment in Western Australia, to better understand what it is like to wait for treatment. The interviews are not an intervention or form of therapy, instead they are an opportunity for those with lived experience to share their story. We intend to use this information to develop innovative solutions to better support future clients while they are on waitlists and ultimately help them engage in evidence-based treatment at the point they ask for help.

Recruitment details

To take part in the study, participation will involve a 5-minute brief screening questionnaire (which can be accessed through the QR code on the attached flyer, or through the following link The pre-screener will be used to select a purposive sample for qualitative interviews. The online interview will last approximately 60 minutes. All responses will be de-identified and confidential.