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Innovations in Eating Disorder Support and Treatment During COVID-19

Chief InvestigatorClosing Date
Prof Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz25 Aug, 2023
Chief InvestigatorProf Matthew Fuller-Tyszkiewicz
Closing Date25 Aug, 2023

About the research trial

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a number of global challenges to the provision of health services. As a result, healthcare professionals were required to ‘think outside the box’, including the development and implementation of novel methods to overcome these barriers.\
This project aims to identify any innovative practices used by health professionals during COVID-19 to overcome barriers in providing eating disorder services.\
Participation involves an online survey which asks for demographics and information related to health professionals' experiences during COVID-19 in providing care, including any innovative practices used. To find out more go to:

Recruitment details

We are hoping to recruit health professionals who were working in the prevision of eating disorder care during COVID-19. To find out more go to: