The University of Melbourne

Honours Project: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, That is not what I look like at all: Exploring Self-Perception

Chief InvestigatorUniversity SupervisorClosing Date
Dr Isabel KrugJade Portingale19 Nov, 2022
Chief InvestigatorDr Isabel Krug
University SupervisorJade Portingale
Closing Date19 Nov, 2022

About the research trial

The broad aim of our study is to understand which factors influence how flexible self-perception is through the use of multisensory bodily illusions.\
Our specific aim is to understand whether males with varying levels of body image disturbance differ in their susceptibility to these illusions.\
The hypothesis: we expect that males with body image disturbance will be more susceptible.

Recruitment details

What does my participation involve?
If you agree to participate, you will be asked to:
· Complete an online questionnaire
· Pose for a neutral photograph that only our research team will see
· Complete some online experimental tasks which assess self-perception
. Complete some experimental tasks which assess self-perception.

Requirements for participation:
· You are male
· You are aged 18 years or over
· You are of Caucasian, South-Eastern Asian or Eastern Asian ethnicity