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Food, Mind and Body

Chief InvestigatorUniversity SupervisorClosing Date
Rose CliffordElizabeth Rieger30 Jun, 2022
Chief InvestigatorRose Clifford
University SupervisorElizabeth Rieger
Closing Date30 Jun, 2022

About the research trial

This study aims to look at eating attitudes, opinions, and behaviours in the hopes of furthering our knowledge on what constitutes healthy and unhealthy eating. As we see an increase in the occurrence of pathological eating behaviours associated with a focus on healthy eating, there exists a lot of confusion around whether we are seeing the emergence of a new eating disorder and when healthy eating becomes mentally unhealthy. In order to provide the care, treatment, and support for those experiencing challenges and difficulties in this space we need more research to better understand the nature of this prospective condition.\
This study will involve completing five cognitive tasks and seven questionnaires asking about eating attitudes and behaviours. Due to the nature of the study techniques utilised, this study has to be conducted on a computer, so please ensure should you wish to participate you do so on a desktop or laptop computer. You will need to download a program called 'Inquisit' to participate, if you don't have the ability to download this program please adjust your popup settings or web browser. Please ensure you complete the entire study!

Recruitment details

Eligible participants will be people aged 18 years old and above, with normal or corrected vision who are either\
(1) individuals who have a strong focus on healthy eating or purity or health;\
(2) individuals who currently have or have had an eating disorder (anorexia or bulimia);\
(3) individuals with no personal experience with eating/shape or weight concerns but who need to exclude certain foods from their diet based on medical, ethical or religious reasons; or\
(4) individuals who have no personal experience with eating, shape or weight concerns.

Rose Clifford