Western Sydney University

Eating Disorder Experiences and Treatments

Chief InvestigatorClosing Date
Dr Janet Conti, Professor Phillipa Hay28 Feb, 2023
Chief InvestigatorDr Janet Conti, Professor Phillipa Hay
Closing Date28 Feb, 2023

About the research trial

We are interested in hearing from anybody who has experienced an eating disorder and who has considered or undertaken treatment. The proposed study examines factors that influence people’s overall experience of an eating disorder and its treatment, via an online survey. Secondary aims are to investigate the role of dietitians in the multidisciplinary approach and the experiences of people with longstanding anorexia nervosa.

Recruitment details

Recruitment is via snowball sampling.\
Participants can complete the survey via the following link:\
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WSUET​ED/photos/a.1694059170837169/3​289676481275422\