Swinburne University of Technology

Compassionate Eating: Does self-compassion influence the relationship between contingent self-worth, self-perception and authentic self, and disordered eating

Chief InvestigatorClosing Date
Dr Roslyn Galligan27 Oct, 2022
Chief InvestigatorDr Roslyn Galligan
Closing Date27 Oct, 2022

About the research trial

The survey aims to investigate the relationship between the way people think about themselves and disordered eating behaviours. The survey will ask questions about how you feel about yourself in different areas of life, if you hide your true self from others, and how compassionate you are towards yourself. The survey also will ask a series of questions about disordered eating behaviours and attitudes. It is hoped that a better understanding of self and it’s relationship to disordered eating may provide additional information for both the detection and treatment of eating disorders.

Recruitment details

We are seeking people over the age of 18 who speak fluent English to take part in this study. Participants will complete an online study at their own convenience. The study will take around 45-60 minutes to complete.\
Participation is encouraged whether or not you experience challenges in your relationship with food and eating.\
To find out more and participate in this study, please click on the following link:\