National Consultations Kick Off for Eating Disorder Research and Translation Strategy

16 May, 2019

The Federal Government has funded InsideOut to develop a national strategy for eating disorder research in Australia, and the translation of research into prevention, early intervention and treatment of eating disorders.

Over the next two weeks, our team will travel to every state and territory to meet with expert researchers, implementation scientists, consumers and carers, key stakeholders and leading clinicians.

These consultations are the first step to designing an effective and targeted plan for research into this devastating illness, and the translation of the evidence into every day practice.

The goal of each consultation will be to identify and discuss exactly what needs to be prioritised in the national strategy so that the focus of research, and its translation, services the needs of people across the country.

“We know that eating disorders have one of the lowest research dollar spends among the mental illnesses, which themselves only attract 9% of the national research dollars. We also know that often the evidence that does exist is not translated into the treatments received by people with the illness when they present to the health system," InsideOut Director Dr Sarah Maguire says.

"We have a big job ahead of us, and we commend the government for making this a national priority."

“We want this to be a genuinely national effort with outcomes that impact care at the frontline, so in order to do that we need the best minds around the country inputting to create a road map for research and evidence-based practice moving forward,” she says.

“We are excited to hear what our researchers, clinicians, consumers, carers, health planners and government partners have to say."

The first consultation is being held in Sydney today (Thursday May 16), and will be followed by meetings in Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin.

If you would like to help review the strategy, please contact us via: