Learn the basics of nutrition with our new eLearning module

25 Mar, 2024

Are you a health professional working with people with eating disorders who is unsure how nutrition can play a role in treatment? Are you worried you might say the wrong thing about food? Then you'll be interested in InsideOut Institute’s e-learning module - Nutrition Basics.

Nutrition Basics is designed for people who aren't trained dietitians but still need a good understanding of nutrition and how to relay information about it to clients with eating disorders. Nutrition Basics will step you through the general principles of “normal” eating to help you support your clients in treatment.

Based on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, this one hour module will provide you with introductory knowledge in nutrition which you can then fine tune and build on throughout your work with people with an eating disorder. This module can be a helpful adjunct when providing psychological treatment or clinical management of clients with eating disorders and can be a add-on to other InsideOut courses offered.

Nutrition Basics includes sections on:

  • the basic food groups
  • diet myths
  • nutrition needs and eating disorders
  • hunger and appetite
  • food rules and food fears
  • helpful and unhelpful things to say

This module is available as online training for you to complete at your convenience and is free for people working in NSW Health. Others will be asked to pay a small fee.

You can access Nutrition Basics here