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InsideOut eLearning program effective way to deliver eating disorder training to health professionals, research shows

27 May, 2019

A second evaluation study has confirmed that InsideOut's comprehensive core competency eLearning program, The Essentials, represents a new and effective way to train Australian health professionals in the detection, diagnosis, and management of eating disorders.

Among the 480 Australian health professionals in the study, there were significant improvements in knowledge, skill and confidence to treat eating disorders, as well as a reduction in stigma.

The study also suggests that, “psychologists, dieticians, and those working in rural areas were more willing to treat eating disorders after completing the program.”

Researcher and InsideOut Director Dr Sarah Maguire says, “Developing quality online trainings, such as The Essentials, is an effective way to address the considerable workforce development challenges in eating disorders. And this latest study adds weight to that – but more investment is needed to develop and improve these programs.”

The study concludes that:

“Participation in The Essentials online training program was associated with an increase in the inclination, confidence, knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes of health professionals in the management of patients with eating disorders. Reaching to a wide audience at a relatively low cost, online learning programs for eating disorders such as The Essentials are a promising training method, enabling the distribution of learning materials to promote mental health literacy among health professionals and, in turn, improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with eating disorders in the health system”

Read the full paper here.

About The Essentials

InsideOut Institute’s online training program, The Essentials, addresses the nature, identification, assessment and treatment of eating disorders.

More than 2000 Australian clinicians have so far completed the program, which provides comprehensive training in the medical, psychological and dietetic management of individuals with eating disorders, and is suitable for Medical Practitioners, Nurses, Dietitians, Psychologists and other allied health professionals.

It is a highly interactive online course that includes expert videos, role-plays, interactive exercises and quizzes, and takes about 17.5 hours to complete.

There are 5 modules. Topics include:

  • Background and diagnostic issues
  • Medical, nutritional and mental health assessment and the considerations that are unique to the assessment process in Eating Disorders
  • Planning and preparation for treatment
  • The different techniques and treatments suitable for the eating disorders
  • Key concepts in treating clients in different service settings

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