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10 Oct, 2019

Read the factsheets, get training so you can provide services and list yourself to get referrals.

What are the upcoming Medicare Eating Disorder items?

From November 1, a suite of 64 new MBS items will be introduced to support a model of best practice, evidence-based care for eating disorders.

For all the latest FACTSHEETS, click here.

To learn about the 64 new Medicare items, check out the Medicare Benefits Schedule Book. Go to page 182 for the Eating Disorders General Explanatory Notes.


All health professionals who plan to deliver services covered under the items must be appropriately trained.

Our Essentials eLearning Program is the only online learning program available that meets the NEDC competency framework specified by Medicare. All providers need basic training that meets this framework.

Dietitians and Psychological providers will need this basic comprehensive training plus additional training in the evidence-based therapies listed by the MBS that they intend to deliver under the scheme (please see MBS online for updates on listed therapies).

We have a detailed online training program for Dietitians and mini-trainings in two of the listed evidence based treatments under MBS (CBT and FBT).

Visit our eLearning Centre now.


Our Treatment Services Database is the only publicly available directory for health professionals with an interest in eating disorders. As such, a lot of people looking to receive care for an eating disorder use this service, and many organisations will be linking to ours under Medicare to find practitioners.

In the lead up to the Medicare changes add yourself as a private practitioner to this database.


Check out InsideOut's online screener and online Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q), which is automatically scored, graphed and normed online.