Brief online therapy to improve treatment outcomes for those with binge eating disorder

25 Aug, 2022

Digital guided self-help programs for eating disorders have the potential to improve access to treatment for many people who are not currently receiving care.

InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders, in collaboration with Deakin University, have conducted a pilot study evaluating a brief eTherapy for binge eating disorder, a distressing and common mental health condition.

Nineteen women with binge eating disorder took part in the pilot study, which included a 4-session eTherapy program and supportive Telehealth sessions. Findings were very promising, with significant reductions found in eating disorder symptoms after treatment and high levels of program engagement.

InsideOut researcher Sean Rom says access to evidence-based, face-to-face treatment is often constrained by clinician availability and high treatment costs for those with binge eating disorder.

“Shortages of appropriately trained professionals, high treatment costs, and client-side hesitancy due to self-stigma and previous negative treatment experiences, create barriers to help-seeking.” Said Mr Rom of InsideOut Institute.

“Supported eTherapies like brief BEeT have emerged as promising lower-intensity alternatives that address many of the barriers of face-to-face treatment delivery.”