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1 Apr, 2020

The rapid transformation of our work, in response of the COVID-19 outbreak, has highlighted the need for innovative and accessible ways of delivering training and support to professionals in eating disorders. Everything that can be done online, is being done online.

When it comes to personal development, we’ve got you covered! InsideOut has a suite of online evidence-based training courses, which have trained thousands of clinicians nationwide. Learn more about the courses on offer below, or click here:

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InsideOut has a long history of offering eLearning to health professionals. We are proud to offer online training for clinicians to effectively work with clients with these illnesses.

Our programs are interactive, utilise role-play videos, didactic learning, quizzes and interactive exercises to ensure effective learning. Flexible delivery quizzes are used to ensure key concepts have been attained and deliver CPD certification. All packages have been developed and reviewed by a team of expert eating disorder clinicians and digital designers. And they’ve attracted positive reviews by users:

“Really informative program using text, video and interactive elements that supported learning.”

Our eSuite currently has 7 evidence-based programs available:

The Essentials: Training Clinicians in Eating Disorders

(meets NEDC core competencies)

The Essentials is a world first eLearning package that continues to provide health professionals with a solid grounding in evidence-based approaches for understanding, diagnosing and managing anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and the other eating disorders. The program has been purchased by state health departments - New South Wales and Victoria – for statewide workforce training. To our knowledge, there is still no other comparable comprehensive, evidenced-based introductory online training available for eating disorders.

The efficacy of the Essentials as a training program has been examined in two peer-reviewed studies:

Brownlow, R. S., Maguire, S., O’Dell, A., Dias-da-Costa, C., Touyz, S., & Russell, J. (2015). Evaluation of an online training program in eating disorders for health professionals in Australia. Journal of eating disorders, 3(1),

Maguire, S., Li, A., Cunich, M., & Maloney, D. (2019). Evaluating the effectiveness of an evidence based online training program for health professionals in eating disorders. Journal of eating disorders, 7(1).

“All clinicians that see people with eating disorders should complete the program” (Cathy, Emergency Nurse)

The Foundations of Eating Disorders

The Foundations is a brief training package that provides the learner with a basic understanding of eating disorders. Learners engage with the function of an eating disorder, identifying risk factors for development, and the importance of the collaborative approach.

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Eating Disorder Inpatient Hospital Management

This program addresses the hospital journey from emergency department presentation to discharge. Learners are taught screening and assessment processes, admission planning, medical and nutrition treatment strategies including demonstration videos of key skills, effective communication and engagement skills, and planning the transition from hospital to community care.

Child & Adolescent access here

access here

Both access here

The Management of Eating Disorders in the Community

This training delivers a comprehensive ‘starter-pack’ of skills and resources for community clinicians working with people with eating disorders. It provides a basic understanding of current thinking on identifying, screening and assessing individuals with eating disorders and effective strategies to support their needs. In addition, it identifies challenges in treatment, care-planning and coordination of services for individuals with eating disorders.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Eating Disorders: A Practice Based Introduction

Learners are equipped with an introductory understanding of the theory of CBT; the key cognitions and behaviours that CBT targets in eating disorders treatment; the evidence for the use of CBT in eating disorders and how to apply CBT in practice (addressing each of the core strategies used in CBT for eating disorders).

“A great introduction to CBT-E. Gives a great, easy-to-understand overview, with a sense of how to implement it practically.”

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Family Based Treatment for Children and Adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa: The Basics

This course provides an overview of the recommended first line treatment for children and adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa and other eating disorders: Maudsley Family Based Therapy (FBT). This includes background information, evidence and the practical application of FBT. This course is freely available for NSW Health employees on their HETI Online/ My Health Learning. Clinicians can simply log in to their account and search for it in the catalogue.

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The Nutritional Management of Eating Disorders in the Community

This highly interactive program includes expert videos, case studies, quizzes and provides downloadable resources. The course is a beginner to intermediate practice-based program and takes approximately six hours to complete.

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Fitness Industry Training: Detecting and Responding to Eating Disorders

This program provides exercise professionals with an introduction to eating disorders including screening/identification and management in a fitness environment.

This training provides relevant professional development in the area of eating disorders suitable for Personal Trainers, Gym and Group Fitness Instructors, Centre Mangers, Physiotherapists other fitness professionals working with individuals with eating disorders.

This training can be completed at your own pace and will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

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