“I wish I had done this program earlier": Free, government funded eating disorder training now available for health professionals across Australia.

9 Aug, 2021

The Federal Government funded places will enable thousands of Australian health professionals to ensure they are confident in the detection, diagnosis, and management of people with eating disorders (EDs).

InsideOut Institute Deputy Director Danielle Maloney says the online course is an effective way to address the considerable workforce development challenges in providing evidence-based assessment and treatment of people who experience eating disorders.

“One million Australians are currently living with an eating disorder, but only one in four are accessing treatment.”

“Early detection and treatment are essential to ensuring the best possible health outcomes for people with eating disorders. However, low diagnostic accuracy and a lack of specific eating disorder training are common workforce challenges both here and overseas.”

“We know that our online learning provides a solution in helping those on the front-line to access to evidence-based training programs.”

So far, more than 3,500 psychologists, dieticians, GPs and nurses have completed the program.

An evaluation study of 480 participants of the program found significant improvements in confidence, knowledge and skills to treat people with EDs and a reduction in stigmatising beliefs.

Results suggested psychologists, dietitians, and those working in rural areas were more willing to treat people with EDs after completing the program. Additionally, those working in hospitals and regional or rural areas experienced the largest improvement in confidence for treating patients/clients presenting with EDs.

One regional psychiatrist echoed those findings, saying they found the course “extremely helpful”

“In a regional town that is under resourced and underfunded to manage eating disorders in both the inpatient and outpatient setting, this course helped me build my confidence considerably by building my knowledge of eating disorders and their management.”

A GP from South Australia says the course has been invaluable.

“I wish I had done this program earlier! I feel I have gained a better understanding about my role as a GP in the treatment team, including being able to detect signs of Eating Disorders, gain rapport, be non-judgmental, not feel pressured to solve the presenting problem in one visit, and to be able to gather an effective treatment team around the patient.”

The course is freely available to clinicians who work in public health services nationally and clinicians who are eligible to provide services under the Eating Disorder MBS Item Numbers.

To access the course:

For public health clinicians and private practice clinicians (who are eligible to provide services using the eating disorder MBS item numbers): CODE: InsideOutEssentials

For Headspace clinicians who have a headspace email: Code: HEADSPACEFREE

[Please note, the $280 course fee will be discounted to $0 at the checkout].