InsideOut commends NSW Government for $9.6m boost to deliver eating disorder care

3 Feb, 2019

The InsideOut Institute commends the New South Wales Government for today announcing a $9.6 million funding boost to InsideOut, and districts across NSW, to support health system reform for eating disorders. This will bring the total spend to $16.8 million over the next four years. The funding goes directly towards the improvement of services for people with eating disorders and their families, through the New South Wales Service Plan.

A full time Eating Disorder Coordinator will now be funded in each district, excepting the two smallest which receive a part time Coordinator. Their job is to develop new treatment pathways locally, support local clinicians and coordinate clinical care for people with eating disorders and their loved ones.

Funding will also go to large scale workforce training across all levels of the health system, and clinical support for clinicians.

“We commend the NSW Minister for Mental Health The Hon. Tanya Davies MP and her government for their increased commitment to people with eating disorders and their families,” InsideOut Director Dr Sarah Maguire says.

“Our aim is to ensure that everyone has access to quality treatment no matter where they live in the state, and this new phase of the plan will focus on achieving this.”

“The devastation of an eating disorder on a person’s life, and that of their family, is significant. Equipping clinicians in both hospital and community settings where people first present is one of the best ways to ensure we intervene as early as possible and reduce suffering.”

InsideOut proudly led the development of the NSW Service Plan for People with Eating Disorders 2013 – 2018, funded by NSW Health. The plan has made eating disorders core business for the NSW health system.

“The New South Wales Liberal and Nationals Government is proud to announce that we are more than doubling the funding to support the InsideOut Institute, as well as increase the number of Coordinators right through our health system, to support people who are living with serious, chronic eating disorders,” Minister Davies says.

“This is a fantastic day and a boost to support those struggling with eating disorders and their families. It is a complex mental illness, but it is one that this government is tackling with the support of the InsideOut Institute, and all of our amazing medical professionals, right across the state.”

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