Why this Bendigo mum is reminding carers they need support

30 Mar, 2021

InsideOut's Rachael Simeone speaks to the Bendigo Advertiser about the high cost to the loved ones of people with an eating disorder, and about the launch of InsideOut Institute's support program SupportED.

Simeone said people who provided support could be emotionally isolated, distressed and experiencing the burden that comes with being a carer.

She said eating disorders lasted six years on average, with the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.

Simeone said SupportED would help people gain knowledge and skills to care for someone with an eating disorder, through five online modules.

She said it aimed to meet the need for practical knowledge among carers.

"We know that people who have eating disorders are not only affected but their loved ones are also affected.”

"Support people need support. You can't put other people's needs ahead of your own without doing something to look after yourself."