Webinar TBT-S: Treat to Traits

  • Zoom Conferencing
  • 1 Oct, 2020 - 1 Oct, 2020

At this webinar, Dr Hill will introduce Eating Disorder temperament into treatment by discussing:

a) what temperament is,

b) how temperament relates to ED traits, and

c) “try on” a clinician tool that provides an “ED Trait Profile Checklist.”

If clients are given the opportunity to acknowledge their own temperament profile, they could recognise what traits they have and don’t have. This could impact what they can and cannot innately do, triggering the need to seek support to compensate in the latter case. The power of ‘treating to the trait” could have a long-term impact on ED change and recovery.

To facilitate claiming of PD points, certificates of attendance and the learning objectives will be provided to attendees.

Price: $50.00