Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders: Addressing Entrenched Core Beliefs & Working with Complexity

  • Webinar
  • 7 Feb, 2019 - 7 Feb, 2019

‚ÄčThe Schema Therapy (ST) Mode model is well suited to the eating disordered population, particularly those with complex problems, rigid personality traits & interpersonal difficulties.

Presented by Susan Simpson.

This webinar will describe:

  • Key features of the Schema Therapy Model & rationale for application with eating disorders
  • Strategies for change, with an emphasis on deeper level change with core beliefs/schemas
  • Preliminary evidence for the Schema Therapy model with eating disorders
  • Case study example to enable participants to consider how they could apply schema change techniques with complex eating disorder clients.


11am New Zealand

9am NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania

8:30 South Australia

8am Queensland

7:30am Northern Territory

6am Western Australia