CBT-Enhanced for Eating Disorders

  • Online
  • 2 Nov, 2023 - 2 Nov, 2023

Dr Susan Byrne presents 12 hours of LIVE in-person online training in CBT-Enhanced for Eating Disorders.
Take this opportunity to elevate your therapeutic toolkit to intervene on a broad range of eating disorders including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder and Atypical Anorexia.

aining Summary:
Enhanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT-E) was developed in the UK by Christopher Fairburn from his transdiagnostic theory, which states that all eating disorders share similar core psychopathology. Fairburn enhanced his original treatment, making it applicable to all eating disorders and adolescents as well as adults.
This collaborative workshop will include information on:
• An overview of the issues relevant to treating people with EDs
• Theoretical background and research base of CBT-E
• A comprehensive introduction to CBT-E
• An understanding of how the transdiagnostic approach of CBT-E can be used with the full range of eating disorders seen in clinical practice
• Demonstrations of behavioural & cognitive interventions in CBT-E
• Opportunities to practice skills

Location: Online
Dates: 8 Nov 2023 - 16 Nov 2023

Total of 4 sessions:
Wednesday, 8 Nov
,4:30 pm
, 3 hr 15 min
Thursday, 9 Nov
,4:30 pm
, 3 hr 15 min
Wednesday, 15 Nov
,4:30 pm
,3 hr 15 min

Thursday, 16 Nov
,4:30 pm
, 3 hr 15 min