Binge Eating Disorder (BED): A “Deep Dive” in the Evidence Base Webinar Series

  • Via Zoom, link to be provided
  • 25 Oct, 2023 - 22 Nov, 2023

As clinicians, we pride ourselves on research informing our practice, yet many of us are unable to fit reading research into our busy clinician schedules. This webinar series is designed to provide a “deep dive” into the literature around “hot topics” in BED treatment. Each webinar provides a review of the evidence base, while engaging with different perspectives and research methodology. They offer clear clinician reflection and clinical practice application points and participants will receive a copy of the slides and references for further reading.

BED Webinar Topics:
● Webinar one: Is Intuitive eating a helpful intervention during and/or post BED treatment? What does the evidence say?
● Webinar two: Does everyone with BED have the core psychopathology of eating disorders, the overvaluation of their shape and weight toward their self-worth?
● Webinar three: What is the role of dietary restraint in BED?
● Webinar four: What do we know about the neurobiological and neurocognitive profile of BED? How can it inform our treatment?
● Webinar five: How do we adapt treatment for BED with comorbid ADHD?
● Webinar six: Can we learn something from addiction models? Don’t they just advocate for ‘abstinence’ which maintains binge eating?

** Please note that if you register for the series following its start date, all missed webinars will be sent to you as a recorded webinar link

Cost: $20 per webinar, $100 for all six

Visit: https://bodymatters.com.au/binge-eating-disorder-bed-a-deep-dive-in-the-evidence-base-webinar-series/ to register for the remaining webinars


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