Binge Eating Disorder: A Workshop

  • Zoom
  • 13 Nov, 2022 - 13 Nov, 2022

This workshop seeks to provide a thorough evidence-based understanding of BED including the assessment, diagnosis, epidemiology, and key theoretical models contributing to our understanding of BED and its treatment. It will also acknowledge the importance of conceptualising BED as an independent diagnosis, and more than that of common conceptualisations in current treatment manuals of ‘a non-compensatory form of BN’.

Carmel aims to lean on her clinical experience to offer a ‘clinician friendly’ evidence-based approach to treatment that acknowledges the limitations of the most utilised treatment, CBT-E, in treatment of BED, integrating emerging evidence-based approaches within a CBT-E framework.

Please note: Qualification in mental health discipline such as Psychology is essential. Not suitable for other disciplines including dietitians.

Date: Friday, 13th November 2022

Time: 9am-4pm

Cost: $400